The Story Behind HoneyV

Welcome to the first Blog post for HoneyV. I look forward to sharing some style tips, new products, behind the scenes and general stuff you might like.


Welcome to my blog…

Hey, welcome to my Blog, this is my first one ever, but I really want to bring you lots of interesting, useful and fun posts, so make sure to keep an eye out. This blog is just a little bit about me, the me behind HoneyV and the non wedding related me.

This year 2019 I will be celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary (ok, just a bit about weddings)to my very handsome charming husband Mark who drives me mad with his tidying up, which is just as well, as my mantra is “Where’s my keys where’s my phone”. I have two gorgeous children, my daughter is called Honey and is 14 years old. She is funny, challenging and moody as teens are. She also has magic hair like Rapunzel. Not that she can haul people up a tower with it, but it is blonde and sparkly and great to photograph! My son Venn is 17 years old, one of the best people to hang around with, and is guaranteed to have chocolate hidden away when you need it. Having a massive sweet tooth means despite my constant attempts at giving up sugar, I always need it. It also means I can be easily bought with every kind of sugary treat except barley sugars, though liquorice is my fave.

“To be unique is in its very essence to be different”

Wedding Beginnings…

I have fantastic parents Gillian and Robert who have supported me in every way, I was over the moon when they moved nearer to me, and now can have them over to dinner whenever I like. They are also the reason I do what I love. They started Gillian Roberts, a fab boutique in Eltham, and have been helping brides find their dream dress for over 30 years. It also means I too have had 30 years experience working with brides, and really truly enjoy being part of their special day. I mean, I sat and cried through Kylie and Jason’s wedding in Neighbours, rewatched Muriels Wedding until I knew every word and generally obsessed over every celebrity wedding starting with Lady Diana’s. So when I make oohing noises , it really is genuine, I cant get enough of the romance.


Big Thank You…

I am also incredibly lucky to be surrounded by an amazing bunch of women, Sharon and Laura at Gillian Roberts who I have known for over 20 years, who make me laugh and buoy me up when I feel negative. Ami from Rubie Love Photography who supplied some of the gorgeous images on my web site, who is talented beyond belief, and made me look my most fabulous in a boudoir shoot. Celestine from Angels and Gypsies, who forced me to drive a massive van in Mallorca to a celeb wedding and is always ready to listen to my moaning and Danielle from Bespoke Bakes who never ceases to amaze me with her kindness and the most delicious cakes.

However the person who is Thelma to my Louise is my best friend Emma, who has put up with me for a very long time. She makes me laugh so hard I snort and would be willing to turf out at 3am if I needed. I love my job, I love the creativity of it and the brides I meet, the chance for sparkle everyday, but these fantastic people have got me here and need some thanking, so here’s to you all  xx