The versatility of a hair vine is the most exciting thing that has happened to bridal hair accessories in recent years. A hair vine is a wired decorated accessory that is fixed into place at either end using grips.

Hair vines are fast becoming the bridal accessory to have when choosing to adorn your hair for your wedding. With a huge amount of choice available, from Boho to Vintage there will definitely be one to suit every bride.

The options extend beyond what materials are used to how to wear them. Within this blog I will show you five ways to optimise their use, adding detail and interest to your hair. From classic pearl and crystal to wire mesh and shell, you can either use them to add a delicate accent or make a bold and striking statement.

How To Wear A Hair Vine For A Boho Look

A delicate vine can be entwined within your hair. They add an extra dimension and interest without being overwhelming. Pearl and crystal sit beautifully without dominating a bridal hairstyle. The vine can be carefully manipulated to allow it to follow plaits and pined into position easily.

How To Add Drama With A Hair Vine

A hair vine with a larger motif works beautifully as a forehead accessory and lends itself to a vintage Art Deco style. The motif can either be positioned on the forehead or at the temple for a more subtle look. The vine is pined under your hair line so it disappears with no obvious fixtures showing.

How To Keep It Simple With A Hair Vine

By positioning the hair vine further back onto your crown , it can have the same effect as an alice band for a slim simple style or by choosing a more solid piece it can give the look of a tiara.

Encircling an up do is the simplest way to style a hair vine and will be visible from all angles. This gives a symmetrical classic look and works well with a more formal hairstyle.

How To Add Hollywood Glamour With A Hair Vine

A hair vine can easily be placed at the side of the head, remaining visible from both front and back, but offering a glamorous feel by leaving the hair loose at the back. By pining it up on one side, the look lends itself perfectly to Hollywood Glamour

However you plan to wear your hair at your wedding, it is a great idea to explore all options available. You can book a private consultation to discuss in greater detail to help you make your wedding vision a reality.

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